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A Hello from Betty Bloom Dance!

Welcome to the Betty Bloom News Page!

We aim to provide you with news and views on our organisation, activities, our classes, our opinions and views on dance in general!  Feel free to comment below on any dance or organisation-related matter and we’ll get back to you.

Betty Bloom Dance offers a new kind of dance activity to children, namely ‘social dancing’. There is a world of music and dance out there to be experienced, and we feel our children should not be limited to sampling just one style, and certainly not when starting out.  There is always time to narrow our choices later, once they have made up their minds as to what they love most.

Social dancing is not stacked up for a rigid system of exams – if you would like that for your children then I’m afraid you will need to look elsewhere.  What we provide is learning of dance skills in a fun and relaxed environment, building confidence in oneself and in performance, and an ability to move to music in a variety of styles.

Does our dance education build core strength? Yes!

Does it encourage individual creativity and musicality? Yes!

Is it a skill which will last a lifetime? Yes!

And its good for their health and wellbeing.  Not all our kids are natural sportsmen, but show us a child that doesn’t love music?  And in these days of sedentary pursuits and computerised pastimes, dancing to music offers a very real and tangible benefit in fitness, of mind, body and spirit.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our purpose, our values and our unique approach.

Kally Peigne

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