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Dance classes 4-6 year old children
Dance classes for Children age 4-6 Years

Dance classes for Children age 4-6 Years

  • 4-6 years

  • Dance Styles

  • Coordination Skills

  • Games to Music

  • Role Play

  • Fitness

  • Downtime & Yoga

Dance classes 4 - 6 year old children


Our Sweet Pea classes are for children from the ages of 4-6 years and are their first formal experience of dance classes.  They learn in a more a more disciplined environment, as they would at school, but at Betty Bloom Dance, the emphasis is always on fun and learning in a relaxed environment.  

As part of a structured class we start teaching them our curriculum of dance based IDTA Freestyle Dance, Musical Theatre and combining the more salient aspects of ballet.  Our lesson plans are kept varied and fun, introducing technique in an interactive and imaginative way.  We continue and develop the role plays that we used in our previous Buttercups classes which forms the foundation of expression and creativity in dance.  

Dance classes for4-6 year old children Oxfordshire.


We keep our lesson plans varied, fun and relaxed.  We continue with the circle theme as we did in Buttercups but integrate a more structured class format.  There are basics steps and movements that all children need to learn now, as well as how to combine movements and increase levels of coordination, which helps develop both mental agility as well as physical ability and muscle memory.  

There are lots of breaks in the class where we switch tasks.  Children of this age, particularly if they have just started school, and are attending extra-curricular activities, simply cannot maintain a deepened level of focus, so we pepper our classes full of fun things to do, as well as important time for interaction and questions.  

The children learn different dance routines each term and then will perform these to parents at an end of term show.  


At this point they are usually independent of parents.  We will always make exceptions in a few cases – we always do our best to work with parents to ensure your child feels happy and safe at classes.  

As with the Buttercups classes, some children can be quite shy and might find their first dance class a little intimidating before they get to know the teacher and the other children.  Parents and children are welcome to sit and watch initially, and once again as with the Buttercups classes, we don’t charge until such time as they child decides they’d like to join in.  

In some cases, if children have just started their first year of school, it might be best to wait a term before bringing them along.  They simply find getting used to a full day of school, followed by an after-school activity too much.  


Our customers choose our classes as we have a strong pastoral care policy for children.  No child is pushed beyond their means and can take their time in learning.  For children who are on the shy side who are keen to start classes with us, we don’t charge until the child is happy to join in.  Our teachers provide a nurturing environment that places the physical and mental well-being of the child first and foremost.  We ensure they leave classes with a feeling of accomplishment and that they’ve had a lovely time with their dancing and their role plays.  

“My daughters attend the class and they love it!  The teacher Kally is really welcoming and approachable.  Great music choices, with steps they can follow and practice at home.”

Come and join the party!

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Dance classes for Children age 4-6 Years

Dance classes for Children age 4-6 Years

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