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 Dance classes for toddlers and carers Oxfordshire.
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  • For Toddlers & Carers

  • Games and Role Play

  • Music Genres

  • Coordination Skills & Steps

  • Percussion & Beat Drumming

  • Partner Dancing

  • Downtime & Yoga

Dance classes for Preschool children, Toddlers, Parents & Carers, Family Classes


Our Buttercups Classes are lively, family inclusive classes where absolutely everyone joins in the fun, including baby siblings, grandparents, etc

These classes were specifically designed as an introduction to, and first experience of a more formal dance environment for little ones, providing a charming and completely unforgettable dance experience!  

Furthermore these classes teach skills in listening,  learning patterns and routines, coordination of hand/eye/body movement, balance, activity and stillness, all wrapped up in a package of dance routines, imagination and role play fun in a safe environment with their parent/carer. 

Dance classes for toddlers and carers Oxfordshire.


Our classes are very specific in their structure.  We create a circle environment to promote both social inclusion and focus, but also an idea that we’re all sharing the same experience and part of the same team.  We have circle time at the start and also at the end of the class.  

Our lesson plans build slowly from warm ups, into isolation work for better coordination, and then move to a number of props which children adore using as part of their dance.  These props are often life-savers for children that are shy as they have something to focus their attention on that is fun to play with.  We move through yoga, quiet time and then into our Grand Finale dance to finish off.  Our music is specifically chosen not only to work well with the skill set we are building, but also music that the children will love and be energized by. 


We usually take children from the ages of 2 onwards, simply as they are more able to follow instructions, though will sometimes take slightly younger children too if the child is able to engage well in classes.  

Our classes are very relaxed! We don’t expect all children to follow all instructions to a T.  Sometimes a child may want to sit out of a dance to take a drink, or simply run around and let off steam. When this happens it is often the case that they are simply not able to concentrate for too long and need some time out.  

Children why are on the shy side and new to these classes can often find them quite loud and stimulating at first.  If this is the case we usually ask the parent and child to sit and watch the first couple of dances or even a whole lesson or two. it is important to let the child choose when to take part, which they often do fairly quickly when there is no pressure. The props also make it a lot easier for them to join.  

If your child doesn’t join in but just sit and watch, we won’t start charging for lessons until they do.  It’s far more important to us that your child takes their time to feel secure with the classes and is keen to take part, rather than rush them into making a decision.  


Our customers choose Buttercups Classes as they provide such a positive first experience of dance. For many little ones, dancing can initially make them quite self-conscious at first. However dancing to joyful music and having fun with your loved ones is one of the best ways to experience it.  

“My son and daughter LOVE these sessions. I initially went for my younger daughter but my son enjoyed it even more than she did, so now they both go! They are buzzing after the lesson and keep asking when it’s next!”

Come and join the party!
Dance classes for toddlers and carers

Dance classes for toddlers and carers

Dance classes for Children age 4-6 Years

Dance classes for Children age 4-6 Years

Dance classes for Children age 7-9 Years

Dance classes for Children age 7-9 Years

Dance classes for Children age 10-15 Years

Dance classes for Children age 10-15 Years

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