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Dance classes 7-9 year old children
Dance classes for Children age 7-9 Years

Dance classes for Children age 7-9 Years

  • 7-9 years

  • Dance Styles

  • Coordination Skills

  • Musicality

  • Fitness

  • Performance

  • Meditation

Dance classes 7-9 year old children


Our Poppy Classes are for children aged 7-9 years and this is where we ramp up the technique and make things more challenging!  Poppy Classes are generally very lively classes and we use this opportunity to really build confidence and provide a good grounding in all the steps and movements taught in the curriculum for this age group.  

They continue with the IDTA Freestyle Dance Exams building confidence and ability as they go along.  They are independently examined by an IDTA examiner and at this stage, individual marks given to each child which goes onto their IDTA exam record.  


We provide the opportunity to make up their own routines as part of our Charity Dance Competition (for those that want to take part) and the fantastic opportunity to dance in front of hundreds of parents (again for those that wish to take part) at our Grand Performance in the summer.  

Dance classes for 7-9 year old children Oxfordshire.



Classes are structured with a warm-up comprising a cardio element, isolations and suppling exercises.  We then go on to practice the dance routine of the term, practicing aspects of technique, expression and exercises in musicality.  The latter is first point of call where they are really encouraged to listen to the music and the beats and provided with exercises to help develop their ear.  


We go onto integrate creative exercises into the lesson plans to get the children really using their imagination and applying it creatively to the music.  

Throughout the class there are opportunities to engage the children, promoting interaction and creative use of imagination, and through this we get the best out of our students.  

The children learn a new dance routine each long term and present these dances to their parents in an end of term performance.  


Although there is a bigger emphasis on dance and challenging the children at the Poppy classes, it’s always done in an incremental way so that they feel comfortable and not out of their depth.  This is class where we really feel we can really build confidence and show children just what they are capable of!  

There are many children who are competitive, and quite a few who are not.  We always respect this and ensure that children only take part in the mini competitions we run in class when they are happy to do so.  There are so many ways to increase their confidence and we value the individual rather than expect everyone to conform.  

Out of all the age categories, Poppy Classes are the loudest and most energetic of classes! We totally recognize this and use it to our advantage so that this natural energy and confidence is channeled into their dance! 

At Christmas we take a small group of Poppies and Lilies to perform at a local care home for the elderly and disabled. This is something that both children and the care home residents look forward to each year.  


We understand how to use the natural exuberance and energy of this group to channel into their dancing!  Our routines are carefully choreographed for this age group to showcase their energy and exuberance, with music they are going to love dancing to!  The children learn a strong foundation in technique at this point and start to experiment with expression to a great degree, but also get to explore the creative side of dance, to understand themselves better.  

As always our ethos of fairness and kindness, and unrivalled pastoral care forms the basis of all our teaching, and we always value the individual’s contribution to the class, whatever their current skill level.  

“We’ve been looking up music to do the Charleston ….. you are indeed an inspiring teacher”

Come and join the party!

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Dance classes for Children age 7-9 Years

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