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Dance classes 10-15 years old children
Dance classes for Children age 10-15 Years

Dance classes for Children age 10-15 Years

  • 10 years +

  • Dance Styles

  • Fitness

  • Technique

  • Choreography

  • Performance

  • Meditation

Dance classes 10 -15 years old children


Our Lily classes are for 10 years and above.  These classes are where the children come into their own – confidence, ability, skills and presentation! At this point they have actively chosen dance as one of their keen pursuits, enjoying the social and the teamwork aspects as well as their individual opportunities to shine.  Added to this they will have the focus and drive to meet challenges and drill deeper into the finesse of their technique.  

Here we have much more time to spend on technique and expression, learning how each movement of body and limb has so much more depth and complexity than they initially realized, how bodies move both in isolation and then as a whole.  

Again the emphasis is on fun, creativity and imagination.  We introduce more variations in dance styles and music, and really open out their world!  

Dance classes for 10-15 year old children Oxfordshire.



There is much more emphasis on a hardcore warm up, with cardio/isolations/stretches.  More time is spent on technique and expression, and with learning routines, we are able to drill right down to the core level.  There is engagement with the children in discussions how to develop expression in dance and music and again the encouragement to find and develop their own style and choreography abilities.  

Expression features a great deal at Betty Bloom Dance.  In fact we feel it cannot be separated from dance, and adds great meaning to it.  This is one of the reasons we feel Musical Theatre is an important aspect of our offering.  This genre helps the children to bring meaning and a back story to their dance, and hence develops their imagination and expression.  

At the Lily classes we encourage children to take dance exams in Musical Theatre as well as Freestyle Dance.  This gives children a much wider foundation in their dance skills.  

The children learn different dance routines each term and then will perform these to parents at the end of term dance show.  


At many venues we usually offer 2 levels of Lily dance classes.  The higher levels are usually more challenging so we will gauge your child’s level of ability at the lower level first before deciding which level they are best suited to.  

Dance should not be a race to get to the highest level as fast as possible.  Each child learns differently and at a different pace – each has their own journey and will get where they need to be in time.  

At Christmas we take a small group of Poppies and Lilies to perform at a local care home for the elderly and disabled.  This is something that both children and the care home residents look forward to each year.  


Children dance for different reasons.  Some dance for social reasons, others because they want to learn and possibly take dance to a higher, even professional level.  

At Betty Bloom Dance, we cater for them all.  Our regular classes are always fun for those who want to learn but rather just enjoy the atmosphere, the music and learning to move to music.  

For those that have focus and discipline, we have a separate track in our “Performance Team” where the emphasis is on hard work and drive to get them performing to the best of their ability.  If your child would like to pursue a higher level of dance, with a possible view to dance professionally in the future, this is the route for them, and consists of 2-3 classes a week with school holiday workshops.  

We provide numerous opportunities throughout the year for them to perform live in public arenas, building their confidence and showmanship.  They learn to work as a team and most importantly support each other in doing so.  #

This is such a super journey for them and we are proud to be able to offer it.  


Customers choose us for our strong ethos.  We value each and every child along with their own individual contribution.  For us it is never about who is the most talented, but rather how we can enhance their individual qualities and bring confidence to each and every child.    

Being a part of Betty Bloom Dance should be about the sheer joy of dance, a life skill that won’t ever disappear no matter what life throws at you! True dance is something that comes from the heart, rather than a series of steps and movements, and it is this which we wish to impart to our students.  

“Their regular shows offer clear evidence of the children’s love of dance and serve to showcase the talent Betty Bloom’s delightful teachers are able to develop across the board. There’s never any pressure, it’s all totally inclusive and centred entirely around the joy that dance brings to everyone involved... regardless of their age or ability. Highly recommended.”

Come and join the party!

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Dance classes for Children age 10-15 Years

Dance classes for Children age 10-15 Years

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