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Dance classes for adults Oxfordshire


Classes are typically structured with a warm-up, suitable for students of all ages and is safe but will increase heart-rate also.  

Ballet classes are kept classical and we work on all the usual areas of bar work as well as turns, basic pirouettes and turns, and a short dance routine.  All this enhance core and posture, strengthens muscles and slowly develops flexibility.  

For the regular dance classes, after a good warm up, we then go onto teach a dance routine where we teach technique,presentation/expression and musicality.  Technique for steps and movements follows the IDTA Freestyle Dance curriculum which includes turns, and steps/movements specific to the dance style we are teaching.  This is then followed by a cool-down and a quieter finish to the session.  ​

We usually teach one dance routine per term to keep things fresh and interesting.  

Dance classes for adults Oxfordshire


Our first ventures into Adult Dance Classes, after much demand from parents, have been an outstanding success!  We cater to all abilities and levels and as per our ethos, are totally inclusive.  The dance styles range from musical theatre to Bollywood, Street Dance to Swing.  We also occasionally run an open level ballet class for adults.  

Emphasis is on general fitness, suppleness, coordination, building core strength and general all-body strength. Dancing is a great and engaging way to keep fit and healthy.  It is not only good for our physical state, but also for our mental health.  

Did you know: Dancing is not just good for body and soul, it is scientifically proved to be associated with a 76% reduced risk of developing dementia.

As we develop these classes, we can see offering dance across all areas to all sectors of society, and particularly keen to offer classes for the more elderly and SEN who are often overlooked when it comes to suitable dance classes.  

For those that are keen there are even opportunities for performances at small local events!  


We currently run adult classes in Blewbury on Wednesday evenings and are due to expand to other areas! 

Contact us for more details

Dance classes for adults Oxfordshire.


The dance class level is set to an “Open” level class where anyone at any level can come in and learn the routine.  The emphasis is on a fun way to exercise rather than pressure to dance at any particular standard or level.  We work on technique to improve our bodies for dance and do what we are learning well, but are keen to try and challenge everyone a little too! 


However if you have danced extensively in the past to a high level, this class is likely to be unsuitable for you,  


We provide great variety in dance styles and music, so there is always something new and exciting to learn.  Together with our fun and all-inclusive ethos, we provide a fun and engaging way to keep fit and supple, develop core and general body strength.  ​

“The adult dance classes have been so much more fun than I expected! I’ve always loved dance but was unsure about my abilities and how I would feel dancing in a whole class of others. However the class teacher keeps this light and fun, and I’m building my confidence and starting to feel really great!  I highly recommend anyone who is unsure to give them a try.  I can’t wait until next term!”

Come and join the party!

Dance classes for toddlers and carers

Dance classes for toddlers and carers

Dance classes for Children age 4-6 Years

Dance classes for Children age 4-6 Years

Dance classes for Children age 7-9 Years

Dance classes for Children age 7-9 Years

Dance classes for Children age 10-15 Years

Dance classes for Children age 10-15 Years

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