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Children's dance classes in Oxfordshire

Betty Bloom Dance

Children's dance classes in Oxfordshire


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Looking for a child's dance class near you? We provide outstanding children’s dance classes based in Oxfordshire, and focusing on fun,imagination and creativity. We use both Musical Theatre and Freestyle dance genres to engage in a wide variety of dance styles and music across the ages, appealing to ages and abilities.

“Betty Bloom Dance classes are a genuine highlight of my daughter’s week!”


Creativity and interaction is prioritized at our classes. Every child is important and has something of value to contribute. We don’t believe in producing robots who all dance the same, but in cultivating personal expression in dance. Our aim is to bring out the best in each and every child, building confidence, improving technique and expression, and promoting creativity to broaden the imagination, and to facilitate a sheer joy of dance.

 "The energy and love of dance is contagious – can’t wait to see an end of term show! "

Our Classes

Dance Classes

Our classes are categorized by age ranges:  

Violets – Preschool ages with Parent/Carer
Sweet Peas – 4-6 years
Poppies – 7-9 years
Lilies – 10 years +


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Dance classes for toddlers and carers

  • For Toddlers & Carers

  • Games and Role Play

  • Music Genres

  • Coordination Skills & Steps

  • Percussion & Beat Drumming

  • Partner Dancing

  • Downtime & Yoga

Dance classes for Children age 4-6 Years

Dance classes for Children age 4 - 6 Years

  • 4-6 years

  • Dance Styles

  • Coordination Skills

  • Games to Music

  • Role Play

  • Fitness

  • Downtime & Yoga

Dance classes for Children age 7-9 Years

Dance classes for Children age 7 - 9 Years

  • 7-9 years

  • Dance Styles

  • Coordination Skills

  • Musicality

  • Fitness

  • Performance

  • Meditation

Dance classes for Children age 10-15 Years

Dance classes for Children age 10 - 15 Years

  • 10 years +

  • Dance Styles

  • Fitness

  • Technique

  • Choreography

  • Performance

  • Meditation

* For Adults’ Dance Programme



Our Buttercups Classes have been specifically designed to prepare the little ones for organized, independent and more formal structure of dancing to come.  They dance in a super fun environment with a parent/carer, building confidence and ability in time to move up to the next class. 


With the older age categories, the children learn a brand new dance routine in a different dance genre each full term. A full curriculum of technique, expression and musicality is woven into the weekly lesson plans. 

“Our kids were buzzing coming out of their exams this morning! A real tribute to you and your team in preparing them for their big day. Thank you!” 


We offer the opportunity to take IDTA dance exams in both Musical Theatre and Freestyle Dance, from rosettes through to medal tests and gold bars, culminating in Performers Certificate and Diploma for Musical Theatre and Pre and Associate exams for Freestyle. 


Fun and imaginative dance classes for children engaging them through musical theatre and freestyle dance, and covering a wide range of recreational dance styles from all over the world and through the ages, using a variety of musical genres.  Our classes are geared for fun and we provide them an opportunity to discover their own individual identity through dance.


Our classes range from 2 year olds through to 18, held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, we teach a variety of dance styles, enabling them to engage in a wide musical repertoire. Refreshing styles of teaching and buzzing creative content ensures a wonderful dance experience!

“What a splendid afternoon!  We’d like to congratulate you and your team for putting on such a fabulous show.  It’s clear that every single child on that stage felt special.  We even enjoyed the dances which our girls did not appear in! It was super from start to finish.”


For those budding choreographers, we run our Betty Bloom Dance Annual Charity Dance Competition where children make up their own dance routines to their favourite song.  These are judged according to age/ability and everyone receives a prize!  The winners go on to display their dance at our Grand Performance in a semi-professional setting to a crowd of hundreds.


As well as an end of term show for parents in class, each summer we celebrate a full years work with our Grand Performance of Dance held at Abingdon School, where the children get to perform on stage with full lighting and in costume.  Busy, frantic, fun and team-building, it is the highlight of our year and brings the whole dance school together! 


Our performance track is specially produced for those who might see a future career in dance and who are truly committed to improving their dance skills.  Our fantastic teachers with experience in a number of dance professions and genres will guide the children to perform at their very best, to build their confidence and expression, to drive through technique, to help with possible career choices.  This is all done through a number of weekly classes and holiday workshops where the aim is to increase strength, suppleness, fine tune technique, and create strong expression and performance level in their dance.  

There are opportunities to perform at number of public venues and festivals throughout the year, either as solo engagements, or with other dance schools, as well as opportunities to perform along with professionals. 


Our teachers come from all walks of life, many have been professional dancers, some from the West End stage, some are accomplished dance teachers or have more recently trained in dance as an adult.  One thing is for sure, they all have in common a great love of dance, excellent levels of communication and care, and love teaching children – the three most important aspects when we interview teachers for our classes.  

A strong ethos, refreshing  styles of teaching and buzzing creative content keep our dance classes at the forefront of dance classes in Oxfordshire!




We don’t limit children to one or two styles of dance when they can experience the beauty and variety of world dance and world music? Children learn fast.  


They are open and ready to learn new skills, soaking up and processing information fast.  Learning a variety of dance styles will only help to broaden their minds and promote an appreciation outside their daily influences and the deep richness in musical art.

 "We’ve been looking up music to do the Charleston …. you are indeed an inspiring teacher!"

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