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Betty Bloom – Discover, Create, Love Dance!

betty-dancer-smallFun and imaginative dance classes for children engaging them through musical theatre and freestyle dance, and covering a wide range of recreational dance styles from all over the world and through the ages, using a variety of musical genres.  Our classes are geared for fun and we provide them an opportunity to discover their own individual identity through dance.

Our classes range from 2 year olds through to 18!  Held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, we teach a variety of dance styles, enabling them to engage in a wide musical repertoire. Refreshing styles of teaching and buzzing creative content ensures a wonderful dance experience!

Current News!

  • New Tuesday classes in Didcot – starting 10th September – see Classes for further info/book a free taster
  • New Advanced Level/Performance Classes in Blewbury and Botley
  • Betty Bloom Charity Dance Competition – November! More news in your mailbox soon!
  • New teachers required for Oxford (Wed/Thurs/Saturdays), Bicester, Banbury and Thame – Teach for Us! [/dt_intro_text

Dance Gallery of Styles

Class Components

We don’t limit children to one or two styles of dance when they can experience the beauty and variety of world dance and world music? Children learn fast.  They are open and ready to learn new skills, soaking up and processing information fast.  Learning a variety of dance styles will only help to broaden their minds and promote an appreciation outside their daily influences and the deep richness in musical art.

Whether your child likes to be in the limelight or happier as a wall-flower, performances enable their minds to focus and learn a routine to perform.  Children LOVE to dress up and act, and so performances are based around a theatrical scene to be acted out. We have a dressing up box, or they are welcome to bring their own items on performance day. The children are also asked to help with ideas for the theatricals and choreography.  It’s a joint effort!  The older children have an opportunity to produce their choreography themselves from the styles and steps they have been learning.  They get to stretch their creativity in creating ideas, planning the routines and orchestrating it into a group of dancers, all to fit within the musical score.  Not easy, but time after time they succeed brilliantly!

Dancing is an effortless way to stay fit, without the hard discipline required by other fitness regimes, possibly because it involves music and is highly social.  We incorporate a fitness element to our classes to ensure all-round workout – aerobic, suppleness and strength.  Moreover, it naturally helps develops core strength which promotes better posture.  Dancing may be used as an antidote for depression and can promote mental health.is a vital part of the mix.

An absolutely fundamental skill we introduce is downtime, meditation, breathing and yoga moves. This is a vital ingredient in the mix, and we use a variety of peace-inducing activities and and story-telling which the children love.

Our Classes



Toddlers & Carers

Sweet Pea

4-6 years


7-9 years


10 - 15 years


  • For Toddlers & Carers
  • Games to Music
  • Music Genres
  • Coordination Skills & Steps
  • Percussion & Beat Drumming
  • Partner Dancing
  • Downtime

Sweet Pea:

  • 4-6 years
  • Dance Styles
  • Coordination Skills
  • Games to Music
  • Fitness
  • Performance
  • Downtime & Meditation


  • 7-9 years
  • Dance Styles
  • Coordination Skills
  • Musicality
  • Fitness
  • Performance
  • Meditation


  • 10 years +
  • Dance Styles
  • Fitness
  • Technique
  • Choreography
  • Performance
  • Meditation
  • From time to time, we also hold a series of  adults classes to give a flavour for each style of dance.  For more information, please contact us for classes in your area.
My daughters attend the class in Goring and they love it. The teacher Kally is really welcoming and approachable. Great music choices, with steps they can follow and practice at home.   SA, Compton

My son and daughter LOVE these sessions! I initially went for my younger daughter but my son enjoyed it even more than she did, so now they both go! They’re buzzing after the lesson and keep asking when it’s the next!    AW, Dorchester

The energy and love of dance is contagious – can’t wait to see an end of term show! NT, Blewbury

We’ve been looking up music to do the Charleston …. you are indeed an inspiring teacher! PQ, Oxford

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