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Understanding Motivations and Personalities in Kids Dance Classes

One of our maxims is that everyone can dance.

Some have a natural talent and it boosts them up a few pegs for a while. Others just take a while to work out their coordination and where their feet are. You’ll see some children improving at a rate of knots and others that are bobbing along at their own pace. There is never a need to be concerned – everyone gets there eventually – if they want to.

Importantly, those that don’t want to get “there” should be allowed to just enjoy coming to class to dance, and not made to feel that they have to conform to a standard. They can find their own individual dance style and still benefit from all that dance has to offer – mental and physical learning challenges, the joy of movement to music, dancing with their friends, freeing up their mind, keeping active and supple and improving coordination and focus.

For those that are driven by competition, and are keen on excelling, we bring competitive challenges into the classroom but always in a way that the non-competitive individuals are not made to feel awkward if they do decide to take part in the challenges; alternatively they join in without participating in the challenge.

Confidence and enjoyment in a stress free environment is so important at our classes, and a catalyst for engagement and learning. There’s a place for everyone here at Betty Bloom Dance without any judgement.


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