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Dancing Their Way to Health, Fitness and Vitality

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

We are living in a time when there is a plethora of choice in the kinds of activities on offer to kids.

The western world has never had it so good and our standard of living is positively luxurious in comparison to times gone by. Yet the rise in children’s obesity can be attributed in part to the lack of physical activity.

Motivating children to keep active is not always easy,

especially if they do not possess a natural talent for sport

Yet dance offers just this: the engagement in a physical activity which does not feel laboured or pressurised. A social environment which offers fun, friendships and feel of togetherness. Music which makes the heart soar!

... the engagement in a physical activity which does not feel

laboured or pressurised ...

At Betty Bloom Dance we have the joint forces of carefully chosen music together with methods of motivating and engaging children to ensure our classes are as fun, imaginative and provide a wonderful foundation for learning. Our music is easy, accessible and liked by everyone. We use role plays and expressive dance to tell a story. And through this children can experience a new world and step outside of themselves.

Every child is important to us. We offer challenges to those that need it, and a fun and friendly environment to those that simply want to enjoy dance.

Dancing is fun, effortless and liberating

It’s a life skill that offers not just physical activity, coordination, balance, poise etc, but if you know how to turn on feelings of sheer joy and unbridled pleasure then you know you can cope with most things life throws at you.

Kally Peigne


Betty Bloom Dance


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